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How Internet of Things Impact Banking

atm banking

Various amounts of innovations especially in Internet of Things make the world grows faster. Of course it changes almost every aspects of life. The impact of this innovation has already been seen these days. The number of digital devices are increasing. You can see people with smartwatch, smartcar, or even ...

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Internet of Things Banking to Manage Your Finance


With many improvement in technology, Internet of Things is happening in banking. Main thing is managing your finance. A British technology firm has developed the world’s first Internet of Things bank account. The IoT bank automatically detects overspending, then gives users an electric shock or turns their heating down to save ...

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iBeacon Implementations for Banking

As a technology that keeps growing, implementations of iBeacon keep showing. Not just in a retail but also in many sectors such as public transportation and in a building. In building we can find smart office or smart home with this technology. Recently, iBeacon was used for event such as ...

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5 Use Cases of iBeacon for Smart Home


Interconnected things is not impossible. Even in our home. With so many brands releasing their smart home product, people are interested in joining in to give a shot. If you notice, smart home is not always about expensive and tech-expert product. You can simply build them with BLE. A simple ...

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